You have the right to make a complaint relating to any defects on your purchased items.

The Law on Consumer Protection (Republic of Serbia) Article 53 reads in part: The seller is responsible for any non-compliance of goods that appears within two years from the date of sale to the consumer. If the non-conformity occurs within six months, it is presumed that it existed at the time of sale, unless it is contrary to the nature of the goods and the nature of certain non-conformities.

What else you need to know:

  1. Any item you send to us for a complaint must be clean.
  2. You must send the item to us by courier service. You will be informed of the address later depending on whether the item is sent directly to the factory or not.
  3. You should also send us this complaint sheet with the item. You can also send us the original invoice if you have saved it.
  4. Transport costs are paid by the customer.
  5. After we receive the item, we will confirm in writing that we have received it and that a complaint procedure has begun.
  6. We will submit the item for analysis to an authorized laboratory and our decision will be in accordance with their decision.
  7. You will receive a reply to the complaint 8 to 15 days from when we received the item.
  8. If the deadline for complaints is postponed you wbr /ill be notified electronically.