Payment options

We can offer three payment methods:

  1. [WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON] Visa, Master and Maestro card: This is probably the most popular payment method on-line. We prefer this method because it's the fastest and the most reliable and also with less fees. In this case total sum in currency you choose will be converted in Serbian dinars. This is because our bank is located in Serbia and it can accept only domestic currency. In conversion process we use official middle RSD exchange rate by National bank of Serbia.
  2. Paypal: you can choose to make payment in EURO or DOLLARS. Paypal is probably the most secure and most used payment method on the Internet since 1998. It has 277 million active account holders, available in more than 200 markets around the world and can hold balances in 25 currencies.
  3. Bank payment: if you don't have payment card and you don't like on-line payments you can go to your bank office and make payment. We can accept only EURO. It will take a few days until we receive your payment. Sometimes your bank can add some fee to payment, which is not to often.

NOTICE: use 'settings' page to set currency you want to appear. Then you can't see all prices in your preferred currency. Default currency we use is EURO.